about my work

Processes and structures can be found everywhere in our daily lives. For example in technology, the internet, cooking, jogging, human anatomy, (absurdist) narratives and feelings. If a topic or subject has underlying mechanics that can be discovered then I want to know how they work and what I can do with them. The emphasis of my projects usually isn't on what is being said but on how it is being said (or the relationship between the two). My projects are not constrained to a specific medium or theme but the drawn image always plays a major role.


  • 2018 Rooted, Huis van Betekenis, Utrecht (NL)

  • 2019 SETUPxNSvP: future scenarios for AI and the job market, Naturalis, Leiden (NL)

  • 2019 Jaarcongres ECP tech-kunstexpo, Fokker Terminal, Den Haag (NL)

  • 2019 RE:Connect digitale kunstexpositie, Janskerk, Utrecht (NL)


  • 2020 Exploded View